Andreas Seidl believes that it is unnecessary to change the power unit grid penalty rules in Formula 1.

The topic of grid penalties for exceeding the limit of power units in a season has been discussed in the paddock this weekend as a lot of drivers are using their final eligible engines at the Belgian GP. Max Verstappen thinks that F1 should reconsider the rules. However, McLaren team principal Seidl has the opposite view, because it is difficult to evaluate whether the engine was damaged by a driver himself or because of an incident.

“We always ended up with the same result, that it’s simply difficult to handle and work out what is genuine crash damage and what is not,” he told

“Therefore, I think from our point of view, we’re happy with how the regulations are. It’s part of the game that we are in.

“In the end, as you said, it’s tough luck.”

Seidl has the same opinion regarding Mattia Binotto’s idea of guilty teams paying for the damage done in a crash.

“The same is valid from my point of view on the budget cap topic. The noise we’re getting, it’s coming from the usual protagonists and suspects,” he commented.

“In the end, I think we had discussions at length when the cost cap was introduced, and never heard any one of these guys talk about the budget cap which is a non-crash budget cap, for example.

“That’s simply part of the challenge we are in. We need to calculate with a certain amount of budget when you start the year for either side, for reliability issues or crashes, and then you have to manage that going through the year.”

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