Laurent Rossi reveals that it has not been clear whether Fernando Alonso will activate his second-year option with Alpine in the early stages of the 2021 season.

It was announced on Thursday morning that the two-time world champion would stay at Alpine for the 2022 F1 campaign, activating the option in his contract. However, Alpine CEO Rossi admits that it has not been certain instantly.

“As a one plus one contract [a one year contract with an option on the second year], there’s always a doubt. The first one was, Fernando himself said it would take him a couple of races to get back into shape, and he even admitted that it took him perhaps a race or two more than what he expected,” he said.

“So you never know when you start the year whether or not it’s going to unfold the way you want, and there’s always a bit of uncertainty on both sides.”

“But at the moment when he signed, there [were no doubts]. So it was a little kept secret, but it was still something where it was possible not to renew. But at the end of the day, both parties really wanted to carry on.”

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