Red Bull Racing chief technical officer Adrian Newey admitted that the upcoming 2022 technical regulations will force Red Bull to step away from their tried and tested high-rake concept that has proven to be successful for the team.

High-rake means that the rear of the car is higher than the front, and with the wide-reaching technical regulations being changed next season. Newey said that he expects the field spread to be greater than it is right now due to what Newey claims to be the biggest change in 40 years.

“After the field has grown closer and closer together in recent years, I see a high probability that we will see greater gaps again next year,” Newey told Auto Motor und Sport.

“The impact is huge. Every aspect of the car changes with the exception of the drive unit. That’s not to say that everything we’ve learned over the past few years or this season is irrelevant, but it’s a whole new world.

“We’re talking about some kind of venturi car here. And they have to drive as close as possible over the road to take advantage of the ground effect. You will certainly not see more cars that are as tall in the back as they are today.

“For me, it’s the biggest rule change since the Venturi cars were banned and the flat floor was introduced in 1983,” Newey concluded.

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