Formula 1 is still trying to keep the Turkish GP on the 2021 calendar, but it is not easy due to new restrictions imposed by the UK. Therefore, Mugello could be a new venue for this season.

Turkey is still on UK’s red list due to the number of Covid-19 cases. An update to the list should arrive around September 16th.

As of now, Mugello could be the track that is going to replace the Turkish GP even though Formula 1 wanted to avoid having European races after the Russian GP, on September 26th.

Many fans would like to see the Italian venue back on the calendar, and the drivers liked the circuit too. However, there could be a problem, which is that to host a Grand Prix at Mugello would have to be worth it commercially, and that is something that Formula 1 is still considering.

Being a country on the red list means that all the travelers that have been in the country and want to go back to the UK must stay in quarantine for ten days in a hotel. That represents a problem for all the staff members of the English-based team, the FIA, Pirelli, and the F1 organization.

Originally, the plan was to go to Japan for the Japanese GP so that the teams did not have to go back to the UK immediately. However, since the Japanese GP has been canceled, this plan is not possible anymore.

Moreover, Mexico and Brazil are on UK’s red list too, while in Austin the Covid-19 cases are increasing, and the virus is becoming a serious problem.

Not only the UK, but also Italy has a red list and that could be an issue for Ferrari, AlphaTauri, and Pirelli. However, there should be fewer problems compared to the situation regarding the UK.

Another solution would be to race in Russia and then postpone the Turkey race by one week so that there would be more time to review the UK red list, meaning that Turkey might be canceled from that list. If this option is not going to work, the people that should go back to the UK would have to go to Austin, avoiding the quarantine in the UK.

Then, both the Mexican and the Brazilian GP would be postponed by one week to allow the UK staff to go back home after the double-header in Turkey and the US.

The situation would still be complicated since Mexico and Brazil are on the red list too. However, to avoid any problems, either a race in Bahrain or one in Qatar could be added after the Brazilian GP. That means that the teams would avoid the quarantine in the UK, creating the third triple-header of the year.

If there is no solution for the Turkish GP, F1 is thinking to host a race at Mugello on October 10th. All the options mentioned above are still being discussed by F1 CEO, Stefano Domenicali, and all the parties involved.

All these issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic are creating huge headaches to the teams since managing the logistics is not easy at all.

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