Honda still believes that Max Verstappen’s power unit can still be repaired. The Japanese engine manufacturer will now try everything to prevent a grid penalty.

Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda technical director, has now announced that the power unit, which was damaged at the British GP, can still be repaired. Unlike his teammate Sergio Perez’s power unit, which has irreparable damage, Honda is not giving up hope of preventing Verstappen’s grid penalty.

“For Max’s PU, we decided we cannot use it in the racing. Checo’s [Perez’s] one is completely destroyed.

“In the case of Max’s one, we aren’t sure. If we replace the parts, maybe we can use it [under] normal conditions. But from [a] safety point of view, the current damage is a little bit too big to use it in racing.

“In the current PU regulations, we cannot change parts which are sealed by the FIA. Unfortunately, we want to change parts which are sealed.”

Like Verstappen, Tanabe says that the FIA needs a rule change regarding power unit changes that are not self-inflicted as Red Bull drivers’ two PUs were destroyed by outside interference. He says that this request needs to be discussed at a meeting between the teams, the FIA, and engine manufacturers.

“Of course, we, being Honda, respect the PU regulations, which is based on long experience,” added Tanabe. “But looking at our situation, I think there is room to reconsider the regulation.

“Then we can review the accident, we can check impact data, we can check chassis damage, we can check PU damage and then altogether we can discuss about the parts change request from PU manufacturers.

“Considering the current economic situation, also the sustainability of this sport, I think we have room to consider that type of thing. Anyway, we respect the regulation very much.”

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