Lewis Hamilton admits that he needs to find better balance for his car at Spa Francorchamps.

The Mercedes driver ended the day on a high, being less than one hundredth away from FP2 winner Max Verstappen on medium tires. However, Hamilton reveals that he has not felt totally at ease in his car and that he needs to find a better balance.

“We were trying to navigate [through the day] the best way we can. At least it was dry for FP2 so we got some laps in,” he said.

“But the car wasn’t quite underneath me today, so I’ve got to do some work tonight and try and figure that out.

“It’s a massively challenging circuit to try to find that balance. This morning, we had it one way. We changed it this afternoon. It was very, very similar [for the overall lap time],” he commented.

“It’s very bumpy now through Eau Rouge. Something’s happened and they kind of ruined it a little bit. There’s a massive bump right at the compression point which we’ve never had there before. It’s really, really sharp and you feel it on the backside.

“But I’m sure they’ll fix it, I think it has something to do the mudslides, or the rain.”

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