Red Bull has announced that it will keep developing the 2021 car even in the second part of the season, and Max Verstappen said that he sees no problem in doing that, and he does not fear being on the back foot in 2022.

Since the regulation changes scheduled for the upcoming season are pretty big, many Formula 1 teams decided to stop developing their current cars to fully focus on the new ones.

For instance, Mercedes brought the last big upgrade in Silverstone, while Red Bull decided to keep developing their 2021 car even in the second half of the championship.

Christian Horner said that Red Bull did not want to end the developments of their current machinery before the end of the season, and he added that the team is putting in the same amount of work both on the 2021 and 2022 cars.

To add to this, Verstappen said in an interview with the Dutch edition of that he is confident in what Red Bull is doing.

“We have enough people already also working on next year’s car. We can talk about it for a long time, but also I don’t know how good or how bad it’s going to be next year.

“Nobody knows, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”

The Dutch driver also said that Red Bull has been a little bit unlucky on some occasions during the first part of the season. However, he also admitted that in the last races Mercedes seemed to be faster.

“In the last two races, we’ve lost a lot of points, so there’s still a lot to play for,” Verstappen said.

“I think it’s very close. I do think that the last two races were in the advantage of Mercedes with their latest upgrades, but we also know that we still have a few things [updates] to come.

“I hope that will give us a bit more lap time.”

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