The battle for the second Mercedes seat for the 2022 season between Valtteri Bottas and George Russell has been one of the hottest topics in the paddock for some time. However, both say that they have no hard feelings towards each other.

The Williams driver further said that the relationship with the Finn is fine, while both are eagerly waiting for the announcement.

“Our personal relationship is fine. We’re competitors and it’s rare that two Formula 1 drivers or two competitors are best friends, but Valtteri and I are both grown-ups. We’ve moved on from everything from the past and there’s no issues, from my side at least.”

Bottas also had something to say on the subject: “It’s all good, thanks for asking. Everything is fine.”

The young Briton also said that the announcement is unlikely to happen either this or next weekend. For him, this is not a problem, because he wants all things to be done carefully.

“No news to share at this stage. Still obviously in discussions over the summer break, but there’s nothing to announce one way or another this weekend, and probably not next weekend either. I think it’s no problem. Everything is… do things right, rather than quickly, let’s say.”

The same is true for Bottas as he wants to focus on racing.

“There is no news to share. I don’t need to clarify any reasons for that. I think it’s the same for me and George that we have a job to do here and there’s no news. We’re going to focus on racing and getting the maximum points for the teams we are racing for.”

For Russell, a dream would come true if he could drive alongside Lewis Hamilton.

“You want to put yourself against [them] and see how you fare. It would be an honor for anybody to get that opportunity. It’s all hypothetical at the moment. [These] are the same comments as I’ve said [previously]. If I could choose to race against anybody as my teammate, Lewis would be the one.”

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