Daniel Ricciardo said that he is looking forward to the second half of the season, after what he reckoned was a well-needed break after a difficult first half of the season with his new team McLaren.

Ricciardo was outperformed significantly by his teammate Lando Norris and Ricciardo admitted that it was not “all roses” and that the break came at the right time for him.

“It hasn’t been all roses,” Ricciardo admitted. “The team environment, it’s been really good. It’s just the results that obviously haven’t been to what I would like.

“So to kind of just switch off and just escape and completely remove myself from the sport for two weeks was nice.

“I think when the ball’s rolling, it’s cool to keep it going. But it was nice just to have that forced mental break.”

Ricciardo also talked about his excitement for Spa Francorchamps, stating that it is a racers track throughout the weekend. The Australian also expressed his desire to put out a good result, but has said that he is looking forward more to enjoying “one of the cool circuits”.

“Spa’s an awesome track. It’s one of the few tracks which is awesome, on a Saturday and a Sunday. It’s a real racer’s track,” Ricciardo added.

“I’m not really looking ahead as far as what result we’re going to get, ‘Are we going to get a podium, this or that?’

“You can overtake if you’ve got a good car and you can really make a race of it. Hopefully, the end result is a good one. But [I’ll] just kind of take each day as it comes and enjoy being at one of the cool circuits.

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