Lewis Hamilton admits that he has no concerns regarding his health ahead of the Belgian GP.

The Mercedes driver had COVID-19 last year and was suffering from the long-term consequences. After the Hungarian GP, Hamilton needed to go through a medical check as he was feeling from dizziness and fatigue. The Briton admits that summer break has helped him get in good physical shape.

“I’ve spent time over this period of time just trying to make sure I’m in the best shape,” he said.

“I do feel like I’m in better shape moving into the second half of the season and it’s not a concern for me.

“In the world, we are still in this pandemic, and I still stress the importance of people staying safe. Naturally, as you move around, you’re seeing people relaxing more and more, but the virus is still around.

“We’ll continue to be in our bubble and I will continue to be focused on my health and making sure that I continue to get stronger through the rest of the year.”

Hamilton has revealed that he is ready to race again.

“The break was definitely much needed, but it felt too long at the end. I think I was definitely excited to get back to work and just miss working with the team and miss being in the car,” he commented.

“I was definitely very keen quite early on just to get back. It seemed a little bit prolonged, but having that time is really precious naturally.

“So [you] just try to remain grateful for the spare time that you do have, and trying to use it to the best of my ability. Now we’re back, which is great.”

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