Despite Fernando Alonso is putting all his efforts into Formula 1 at the moment, he does not hide the dream of winning the triple crown is still alive.

Alonso already tried to win the Indy 500 to achieve the triple crown, but he failed in doing so. However, the Spaniard still wants to give it another try.

To win the triple crown, a driver needs to win the Monaco GP, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Indy 500. The only win missing is the last one.

Fernando was doing incredibly well in 2017 when he first participated in the race, but an engine failure forced him to retire. Then, he did not qualify in 2019, and he was off the pace in 2020.

Alonso explained after signing a contract extension with Alpine that he is now committed to Formula 1, but the dream of winning the IndyCar race is still there.

“I think right now my main focus, and my full dedication is to the F1 project, especially with the new rules and all the work that we’ll have to do next year. In the future, I will see.

“At the moment, I’m enjoying myself in this comeback. I think I’m performing now to a level that I’m happy with. From Baku, then Silverstone, for sure, Hungary… so I hope to show and to prove a little bit more now in the second part of the season and into next year.

“The future? I will see. For sure, from all the challenges that I attempt outside of Formula 1, Indy is still not completed, so it will always be on the list of wishes. But at the moment my full dedication is to F1.”

To conclude, Alonso said that extending the contract with Alpine was not in doubt since one of the reasons he came back to F1 was to participate in the 2022 championship with the new rules.

“No. In my head it was all planned for 2022 and the new regulations – that’s probably the reason I came back to the sport as well, for next year,” he said.

“But then you need to have also the trust of the team, you need to execute good races in this first part of the season.

“It was not in doubt, but the contract was one-plus-one, so at one point, we had to agree for 2022. I’m very happy with the team, I’m very happy with the comeback, and I’m looking so much into next year.

“And the team is happy with my job so far! We took one minute to make the decision.”

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