Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff recently revealed his thoughts on the recent internal restructuring and hiring within the team, stating that he appreciates how the team “has always reinvented itself”.

Mercedes is the most successful team in the hybrid era, with no other constructor winning the title. It is a dominant display, which according to Wolff, was possible due to the development brought in by young talent mixed with the wise seniority.

“Sometimes it seems like a university campus to me, which is great, seeing the next generation leaders coming up. And there is so much performance that’s brought into the development by this next generation,” Wolff told

“It is a mixture between seniority and young enthusiasm and curiosity. Our team has always reinvented itself.

“A successful sports team is not something that you can freeze as a static organization, but it’s something that needs to evolve because it needs to adapt.”

Exiting the summer break, Mercedes will face its toughest title contention since Ferrari’s 2018 challenge with Sebastian Vettel, something Wolff said is what the team has been preparing for all this while.

Wolff also stated that the title challenges from rival teams will be a good learning opportunity for Mercedes to be resilient, making success all the more team for the German outfit.

“We were talking all these years about how would we cope when the day would come where our performance wasn’t good enough,” Wolff added.

“And that is the time that all values that we had built up in the team, all the resilience that we were talking about, and all the energy that would be needed went live, basically.”

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