Robin Frijns admitted that the winning no.31 WRT LMP2 car that he drove was close to disaster during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, especially during the final hours, where “everything went wrong”.

While WRT maintained a solid 1-2 in the LMP2 category for most of the race, towards the closing laps, disaster struck for the #41 sister car, as it came to a halt on the final lap with the no.28 Jota waiting to pounce.

“I was securing my P2 because I was struggling with the car. But then heading into the last lap I heard on the radio that the sister car is basically breaking down and stopping and meanwhile, you’re still fighting the car to secure your P2 but suddenly you’re fighting for P1,” Frijns explained.

“The cars were both working really amazing, we had really good pace, a bit quicker than JOTA was my feeling, but then the last time I jumped in we suffered a big issue suddenly, the air jack died so we couldn’t change the tires.

“I had like new tires in the front, old in the rear and vice versa again. So basically, everything went wrong in the last two hours. And I had no pace anymore because I think something broke on the car as well.”

Frijns was only able to succeed at the line, with the Dutchman narrowly avoiding a collision with the flagman in an intense last lap in the LMP2 category. It was not all joy for WRT, especially for the sister car, which was leading before stopping.

Louis Deletraz, who drove the no.41 car alongside Robert Kubica and Yifei Ye said that it was heartbreaking for the win to be snatched away at the final lap of the race, especially one as prestigious as this.

“I have no words, I’m crying,” Deletraz shared on social media.

“Why us, why on the last lap after 23h58min.

“Winning Le Mans has been a dream of mine since I’m a kid… this one hurts but I will come back stronger.”

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