One of the 2021 Formula One season’s major topics could take an end in a few weeks of time as Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff wants his driver lineup settled before October.

Wolff is currently in a tricky situation, having to fight for a championship on the one hand and pick his driver lineup for 2022 with the difficult decision of releasing either George Russell or Valtteri Bottas, two massively talented drivers on the other hand.

The team principal will have to choose between a very stable and professional Bottas that already proved to be an outstanding teammate, able to tip the balance in the direction of his team in a championship fight, and a tremendously talented Russell that can exploit absolutely everything his car can give him on Saturday and could become a real championship threat for Hamilton in a close future.

Wolff already had to deal with fierce internal battles in the Hamilton-Rosberg era and probably does not want to recreate such a dangerous and difficult combo ahead of the major regulation change Formula One will adopt in 2022. Signing Russell could therefore become a regrettable decision if the 23-year-old was not able to collaborate with an extremely competitive Lewis Hamilton in a 100% British lineup.

With additional teams expected to be able to fight for the title in 2022, having two teammates interfering too much with each other could lead to results way below the expectations. This is why Bottas remains an interesting decision for the German team, not even mentioning the fact that the Finn is already acclimated to Mercedes-manufactured single-seaters and is already helping the team develop its 2022 concept.

“We have to choose between the stability of Valtteri and the talent of George, where the future lies,” Wolff told BILD.

“I want the topic settled in September so that both of them can position themselves properly for the coming season.”

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