Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner expressed his confidence in the 2022 efforts, stating that he is “very confident” of Haas’ plans for the upcoming season, which brings in a new set of technical regulations and budget caps.

Currently, Haas has struggled, having secured no points with an all-rookie lineup, with rival teams picking up the pace and scoring valuable points, the latter determining the prize money distribution.

“We have got a good plan going forward,” Steiner told RaceFans. “I think we will be back next year where we were in ’16 at least. I’m very confident about this.

“I think for the future – not only for Haas, for everybody here – you can actually make a stable business out of it to have a team running with the new regulations and with the new distribution. But you still need to do a good job to get higher up so you get more money.

“We have been successful in ’16, ’17, and ’18 – in our world successful, I know that we didn’t win races, it’s all relative – so why should we not do it again?”

Steiner went on to further compare the buildup to the 2016 season, their debut season, to the current season, stating that the 2021 season is a transitional year, which is what Steiner said Haas did.

“We have preparation time this year as well because we don’t develop the [current] car,” he explained. “We know what we are doing, that was the plan last year: How do we continue? How do we get back where we want to be?

“We make this a transitional year, that is what we did. So we have got a year to prepare it.

“There is a strategy behind that, it’s not like we are doing things randomly.”

Despite his confidence, Steiner admitted that there were times of uncertainty and that last season was his most stressful season with the American outfit. He also took the opportunity to dismiss any rumors of him leaving the team after the 2021 campaign.

“With the doubt how we continue if we continue, there was a lot of ifs and in the end, it was very stressful,” Steiner admitted.

“I wanted the team to continue because there’s a lot of people depending on it and I feel responsible for this. I’m pretty ethical in this stuff, I always try to do my best.

“I think I’m, as a person, pretty balanced – except when I go racing, then the devil comes out. But that is what I like to do. So I think it didn’t affect me because I always kept a clear focus.

“If that is not good enough or something comes in the way and I cannot do it, at least I can look in the mirror and say I have tried my best,” Steiner concluded.

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