Max Verstappen is currently involved in one of the closest and most exciting battles for the world championship that there has been in many years. Adrian Newey, Red Bull’s technical director, now praises Verstappen for doing almost no mistakes this year.

After Red Bull’s fourth consecutive race win this season at the Austrian GP, the Dutchman had a 32-point lead over his closest rival Lewis Hamilton. However, following an incident between the two at Silverstone and another accident in Hungary, Verstappen lost his lead in the world championship and is currently 8 points behind his British opponent.

In a recent Red Bull interview, Adrian Newey said that Verstappen has what it takes to move up again.

“He has the same steely grit as any world champion, the stuff that they need to dig in and keep going in the face of adversity. He can put the past behind him and look forward to the next race.

“His driving ability is obviously superb, and he’s matured into a great racer. He’s really not made any mistakes this year.”

Newey also agreed with team principal Christian Horner’s statements saying that Verstappen’s bad luck will sort itself out, and also that the disappointment of losing the championship lead was not on him as it was not necessarily his fault.

“The races where he hasn’t scored heavily – Baku, Silverstone, and Hungary have been no fault of his, but he’s kept his head and bounced back from all of those.

“I don’t think the pressure of the situation will affect him. He’s very easy to chat to and has a wide range of interests, which I think is very important for an F1 driver. If your only interest is F1, that can almost make it too important when the pressure comes on. Max has a very good balance in that respect.”

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