McLaren revealed that with the upcoming 2022 technical regulations, there will be additional challenges faced by pit crews during pit stops with the radically different cars.

With a switch to 18-inch wheels as well as aero devices in the wheel area, pit crews will have to adapt to a very different experience to what they are used to at the moment, and Mclaren’s Executive Director James Key explained some of the areas McLaren have identified to be potential challenges.

“Obviously, the wheel assemblies are different shapes, and heavier, so that’s going to be a human-to-human thing to get used to really,” Key said. “We’ve also got different surfaces in that area as well, you see on the demonstrator car, you’ve got these, what are termed as, mudguards.

“They’re not mudguards, obviously, they’re aerodynamic devices, but they look like mudguards over the front wheels. They won’t get in the way unless you’re slightly misplaced. They certainly put an obstacle in the way of one of the guy’s arms, who is replacing the front wheel or removing it.”

The switch in rim size leads to increased weight, leading to a completely new approach to wheel weights while practicing pit stops, which is very important for teams as pit stops can decide the outcome of a race.

Despite the progress in identifying potential hurdles for 2022, Key still felt that there is still work to be done in the background, till the team stands a chance in 2022.

“There are many other stories here for these new cars that need to be figured out still. But there’s obviously a lot of background discussions. Undoubtedly, there’ll be some prep work, factory-based prep work to do with that as well, so we hit the season with the best chance possible of getting it right,” Key added.

“Beyond that, as other challenges of pit-stops, the cars are heavier, the front wings are going to be very different… they’re sticking out in front of the nose now, they’re less well supported than perhaps the wings we are used to, so how are you going to get your front jack to work?”

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