The last few weeks have not been easy for Sergio Perez because of the latest results, so he had to deal with Helmut Marko’s criticism. However, the Mexican believes that it is a good thing for him.

Despite a reasonably positive first half of the season with many highs, his first win for the team in Baku, and lows, the experienced Mexican enjoys the criticism and honest opinion of the Austrian. Perez said as much at the start of the season, and that hasn’t changed to this day, even though the start to his Red Bull career was bumpier than anticipated.

“When he had to be. When I have a bad race, he will just tell me, and he will always tell you exactly what he thinks,” Perez told about the frequency of such claims.

“It is something good I think for someone with my experience, with my career in Formula 1, with the career I’ve had. It’s good to have someone that tells you straight away what he’s thinking, and where you are.”

However, Perez also believes that it has helped him a lot so far when the team is honest about his performance.

“They obviously have all the information and all the data weekend after weekend,” he said. “They know exactly where the driver’s lap time is.

“With Red Bull, there’s no holding back. So they are quite transparent with myself and with the media, which is good.

“But the most important thing is that I’m happy and I’m satisfied going home, weekend after weekend. That for me is the most important thing, you know. I’m a very hungry driver and I have to live with myself.”

Perez also enjoys team life with Max Verstappen and he says that he has a good relationship with him. The only difficult thing, he says, is asking him for advice as they both have very different driving styles.

“I have a good relationship with him on track and off track, so we are able to share our views regularly.

“Obviously my issues that I speak about, he probably doesn’t find the same thing, so we drive differently. It’s hard in that regard, but we are pushing the team forward together, so that is good.”

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