Sergio Perez was given the hard task of assuming the second driver role at Red Bull at the beginning of the 2021 season. Although everything is far from being utopian, the Mexican already noticed some progress.

Following two very difficult seasons with Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon being unable to exploit the extremely demanding Red Bull car, Perez was recruited to take the scary and difficult second driver role for the Austrian outfit.

Unlike Gasly and Albon, the Mexican driver had a resounding debut, claiming his first victory in Azerbaijan before the half-season mark. The Mexican also managed to step on the podium in France, claiming a P3 finish. This good season beginning allowed Red Bull to keep their constructors’ title hopes alive against a solidly rooted rival: Mercedes.

Reflecting on his season debut, Perez did not hide how challenging his transfer was, pointing out the unstable nature of the RB16B as well as the difficulty to diagnose its issues.

“It’s like I’ve changed racing series,” Perez admitted.

“It’s a very different car, a very different philosophy with the high-rake concept. So I still have a lot to learn and discover in the car. But with the limited time and the different conditions in each session, it’s difficult to explore the car.”

“It differs from circuit to circuit. On some circuits I have certain problems, on other circuits it’s different.”

“But we all know it’s not an easy car to get a grip on.”

Nevertheless, some improvements are to be noted according to the 31-year-old that can feel slight improvements but still requires time to adjust.

“I feel I am exploring and understanding the car more and more. At least now I can already send the team in certain directions when it comes to what I want to feel during the weekend. I think it will only get better with time.”

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