This year’s frustrating Le Mans adventure took a premature end for IDEC Sport’s no.17 car, following an FP3 crash that caused too many damages to the Oreca 07-Gibson.

IDEC Sport did not have an ideal start to the week when Kyle Tilley took the decision to withdraw from his driver position due to a shoulder injury. A replacement driver was first found before the latter tested positive for COVID-19. Finally, after an eventful preparation, Thomas Laurent was recruited as the third driver for the LMP2 crew.

On Sunday already, an accident forced the team to repair their car. The qualifying session then allowed the crew to qualify P16 in the LMP2 category. On Thursday, car no.17 once again encountered a major inconvenience, crashing at the Dunlop chicane. This time, however, the team decided it was one accident too many and took the difficult decision of withdrawing from the competition.

“It’s heartbreaking to be pulling out of Le Mans before we even got a chance to race, but I know we’re doing the right thing. We had high hopes going into the event, but with a handful of unfortunate events in the span of a few days, this year’s race week has been a constant uphill battle,” Tilley said.

“After a last-minute driver swap, a new chassis, and a second on-track incident, we had to make the tough call: If we don’t feel 100 percent confident going into this race, we feel we have the responsibility to our competitors not to run.”

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