Extreme E has once again decided to modify the format of its race weekends to allow more intense battles in the final round and more leniency in case of a problem during the qualifying session.

Approaching the Arctic X-Prix, Extreme E organizers have decided to implement a new qualifying system to allow teams encountering issues during qualifying to catch up and eventually qualify for the semi-final round.

Moreover, the final race of the weekend will welcome as many as five Odyssey-21 on the Greenland ice to allow fiercer and closer battle. As a comparison, the final event of the Desert X-Prix saw three cars take up the challenge, while the Ocean X-Prix saw four cars compete in a wheel-to-wheel battle on Senegalese sand. The five final spots will be given to the top two finishers of each semi-final and to the winner of the crazy race.

The qualifying format of the race weekend was also improved. In Greenland, each team will be given two attempts: one on Saturday morning, the other in the afternoon, for a total of 4 laps to qualify for the semi-final round. 

As opposed to what was seen in Saudi Arabia and Senegal, semi-final spots will not be locked in solely thanks to lap times but thanks to a point system. The fastest team of each session – in the morning and in the afternoon – will be handed a precise amount of non-championship points. Nine non-championship points for the fastest crew and a point less for each team going down to the last crew that will receive one single point. 

The addition of each team’s points will establish a qualifying ranking that will open the semi-final doors to the fastest crews. This new system should allow the teams encountering an issue in one of the sessions to compensate and still stand a chance against the rest of the grid.

“The combined total of these classification points provides the intermediate standings, which is based on points instead of times as seen in Saudi Arabia and Senegal, meaning a fairer opportunity for all teams to progress, particularly if a poor time or DNF for example is recorded in one session,” an Extreme E statement said.

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