Marcin Budkowski sees that Fernando Alonso is not set to retire from Formula 1 and wants to perform at the highest level next year.

The two-time world champion has made his return to F1 in 2021 as he took this year as preparation for the 2022 campaign, where he might join the title fight thanks to the new technical regulations. Though Alonso is now 40 years old, Alpine executive director Budkowski believes that the Spaniard has the desire to perform among the best.

“I think how long is a question for Fernando. We celebrated his [40th] birthday [in Hungary] and certainly, he doesn’t feel like an old man ready to retire,” Budkowski said.

“He’s hungry, he’s looking forward to next year. Every time in the factory he’s asking, ‘How is next year’s car coming?’

“He’s enjoying himself very much this year, I think you’ve seen that on the racetrack. But even outside of the track, the interactions with the team, you can see that he’s enjoying it and is happy to be back in Formula 1.”

Furthermore, Budkowski admits that Alonso likes the 2022 cars and is excited about the upcoming season.

“Obviously, his ambitions, like our ambitions, [are] to do better than what we’re doing now, and that’s what we’re working hard on for next year. He’s excited about that,” he commented.

“If we give him a competitive car next year, I don’t think he’s going to go anywhere anytime soon. He’s going to want more and more of it.”

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