McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo shows enthusiasm regarding the new path Formula One is taking with the 2022 regulations. The Australian however raised one major question regarding the size of the next generation single-seaters.

Formula One is currently taking a revolutionary turn with the introduction of sprint qualifying, cost caps, and of course the upcoming 2022 cars. This massive reorientation lines up with Formula One new owner’s clear envy to rethink the sport while keeping its exceptional character and what has allowed it to shine on the international scene for so long.

The 2022 regulations will include, amongst other new specifications, a brand new design for the single-seaters that should give a more attractive and futuristic look to the sport while also closing the gaps between the drivers to show more spectacular action on the track. 

The aim is clear and is in theory well received by the community. McLaren driver Ricciardo has also expressed his opinion regarding the path Formula One is taking. The 32-year-old was enthusiastic although he could not hide a major issue of the current and future design of Formula One single-seaters.

“I love and respect the history of the sport, so I don’t want us to go completely the other way, but a few changes? Excellent,” Ricciardo said.

“Silverstone [and the first sprint qualifying] went pretty nice. Maybe I belong to the younger generation that is a bit more open-minded.”

“In any case, let’s try. For example with the cars, this simplistic approach is good, I like that. The only problem is that the older cars, look at 2007 or 2008, were much lower, narrower and shorter. The cars are big now.”

“It’s not rocket science but a bigger car takes up more space on the track. That’s my only concern, that on narrower tracks it’s hard to overtake because of the dimensions of the car.”

“But beyond that, I’m happy with the path the sport has taken.”

“I think Mercedes and Red Bull are still leading the way. But if we can race better and closer, and the gap between first and 20th place is smaller, then I’m happy. I think that would be a good step.”

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