Honda F1 Managing Director Masashi Yamamoto revealed the Japanese manufacturer’s plans for the construction of the power unit Red Bull and AlphaTauri will be using for the 2022 season.

While Yamamoto said that the construction will remain the same, performance upgrades will be introduced before Honda hands over the reigns to Red Bull, thus fully exiting Formula 1.

“So basically, it’s based on this year’s [engine], because it’s quite new compared to last year’s,” Yamamoto explained to

“It’s different and we will make it to fit the new regulations for next year. So basically it’s the same.”

Yamamoto also clarified the role of Honda in this situation, given their exit from F1 right before an engine freeze. Red Bull created Red Bull powertrains to bypass this disadvantage, and Yamamoto expressed Honda’s desire to support Red Bull on the technical side of things.

“We are going to support as much as possible the technical side in order for both teams [Red Bull and AlphaTauri] to be competitive. On the marketing side it will be minimum support [from Honda],” Yamamoto added.

“It’s going to be the last homologation, so we are doing as much as possible in terms of performance updates as well.”

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