Nyck de Vries believes that he still has an opportunity to get to Formula 1 and that it is “not impossible”.

The Dutchman became the first Formula E world champion last Sunday in Berlin and was also rumored to get a Formula 1 seat thanks to his links with Mercedes. De Vries himself supposes that he still has the chance to get to the pinnacle of motorsports.

“The dream of every young driver is to eventually drive Formula 1, I don’t have to lie about that. I am also still a young driver and have always worked towards this goal, although I have taken a different path. I’m still young, and so it’s not impossible,” he told Formule 1 Magazine.

“But in the end, no matter what you do and win, it’s never enough. If you win a title, the next challenge is to win title number two, and the year after that you want title number three.

“With a Le Mans victory, it’s no different, should I win it. And Formula 1? Of course, Formula 1 is something that is missing. But getting there is one thing, after that of course you want to succeed there.”

At the same time, the Mercedes driver admits that he does not fully control the situation and one of the ways to be on the radar is to consistently perform well.

“I don’t have it all in my control. Everything in the world – and certainly in the world of motorsport – is about performing. That is the only way I can influence my career and how I can open doors and force opportunities,” de Vries commented.

“Whether Formula 1 is closer now? As I said, as long as you perform, you keep opening doors. Winning a championship always contributes to that.”

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