Alfa Romeo technical director Jan Monchaux revealed his speculations for F1’s new era, stating that he is expecting a performance loss of as much as 3 seconds a lap compared to 2021 cars.

With the introduction of F1’s new revolutionary rule book in 2022, most of the teams already shifted a major part of their resources towards the development of their 2022 challenger, testifying to the importance and the stakes involved by competitors to shine as bright as possible next year, thanks to new regulations.

New aerodynamical aspects, as well as an increase in weight, are central topics for next year as the FIA revealed the clear goal of putting every team on an equal foot and giving every driver as many chances as possible to shine thanks to performance reduction that should allow closer and fiercer battles on the track.

Monchaux revealed his opinion concerning the upcoming regulation change and the feasibility of putting every driver on an equal foot as well as the main challenges and obstacles encountered by Alfa Romeo while developing their 2022 single-seater.

“The first design, including the extra weight, was five to six seconds slower. You have to make up for the extra 40 kilograms first,” Monchaux said, pointing out the extreme weight increase that will already cut a tremendous amount of performance and represent a massive challenge to deal with.

“The new petrol could cost the engine’s power. You have to wait and see what the engine manufacturers do with it.”

However, with the re-introduction of ground effect in Formula One, some of the time lost due to previously presented aspects should be compensated thanks to increased aerodynamical performance.

“It’s hard to say how much of that you can get back with the Aero. I think the loss will be three seconds. The world champion will probably get it towards one and a half to two seconds. That’s my estimation.”

Nevertheless, although the dices were rolled again, Monchaux kept it real admitting that the budget cap will not prevent bigger and wealthier organizations to shine brighter than the smaller teams.

“Budget cap or not, The big teams have good people and methods to achieve their goals faster than the small teams”

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