Daniel Ricciardo admitted that spending time in the simulator has helped improve his precision on track, after a change in opinion regarding simulation racing.

Over the years, simulator technology has improved, making the experience more and more realistic, something Ricciardo said helped him see past the expectation of a leisurely activity.

“Some of the sim racers, they’ve been able to transfer their skills into a real car and that’s been a bit of an eye-opener. We talked about F1 1995, and that was very different to what we have now,” Ricciardo told Motorsport.com.

“At first I thought it was just something fun to pass the time, but I definitely see that there’s a bit more to it now.

“So probably for a while, my head was in the place of, ‘Ah, it’s just a game’. Now it’s like, ‘What can I really learn from it?'”

Ricciardo also praised sim racing for helping drivers be mentally sharp on the track, something which is key considering the limited time drivers of today spend with their cars.

“It is crazy, for a sport that’s so precise, and there’s so much technology involved, and with such precision, that it’s hard for any of us to ever really be perfect because we just don’t get the mileage,” Ricciardo explained.

“That’s where I’ve definitely been more open-minded. I’ve always liked the F1 simulators, but with the home stuff, for the last six to 12 months, it’s been about getting those lap repetitions in.”

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