Leclerc happy with Sainz’s involvement in Ferrari’s reconstruction

Charles Leclerc’s SF21. Credits: Scuderia Ferrari – Twitter.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc emphasized how good of a work Carlos Sainz is doing to bring the team back to the top of the rankings following their disastrous 2020 season.

After being asked to modify their power unit following an inspection by the FIA, late in 2019, Ferrari lost a tremendous amount of straight-line speed and were brutally relegated to the midfield right after the recruitment of their new star driver in the person of a young but extremely talented Leclerc.

The Monegasque prodigy was unfortunately deprived of all the glory that was promised to him and all his championship hopes were ruined as the hard reality of having to reconstruct the most legendary Formula One team served as a welcome to him. 

However, after being able to taste the victory in Belgium and Italy, strong links were formed between the Monegasque and the Italian outfit. Leclerc has always kept hope in his team and took matters into his own hands to allow Ferrari to shine again.

In 2021, Leclerc was joined by Sainz after spending a season with a struggling Sebastian Vettel that left him all the space needed to express his amazing talent and adapt to Ferrari’s workflow. The recruitment of Sainz left some question marks as fierce internal competition was expected to appear between both men. However, after spending half a season together, the alchemy seems impeccable as the Monegasque praised the amazing momentum Sainz has brought to the Italian outfit.

“I’m enjoying this season. It’s not an easy phase for the team. Obviously, we are trying to reconstruct everything to be back on top as soon as possible. It was the first year with Carlos as a teammate,” Leclerc said.

“It’s going very, very well. We are pushing each other, he’s very, very competitive, which is great for me.

“And yeah, as a team, we are working very, very well. We are trying to use this momentum to gain this experience and be as ready as possible for next year, which is going to be a very important year.

“We are just not really focusing on expectations, we are just focusing on the work to do back in Maranello and at the track, trying to maximize everything, to be back to where we want to be as soon as possible.

“Obviously there is a big gain compared to last year, which is great to see, and it shows we are doing something right in the way we work.

“But it’s not the end of the road, and we have as a target to be back on top.”

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