Toyota believes the pace of Glickenhaus ahead of the 24 Hours of Le Mans is good news for the event.

Toyota was also pleased with its own performance. The fact that many cars are close together is also a good factor.

“It would not at all be entertaining if they were two or three seconds off the pace. It means there should be a race where several cars are in the same ballpark,” said Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe technical director Pascal Vasselon.

He also said that the three manufacturers racing at the top of the Hypercars are within a second of each other.

“We see the three different cars are within one second, it is perfect.”

Olivier Pla had set a best new time with 10 minutes to go in the tests. With a time of 3:29.115, he beat the time of Mike Conway in the Toyota GR010 Hybrid, who set a lap of 3:29.340. Pla commented that he drove the lap with a fresh Michelin rubber after the track became cooler.

“We were pushing, we have nothing to hide. We were very surprised by the balance of the car at the beginning. I had a very good feeling with the car from my first lap in the morning. It is good to start the week of Le Mans like that.”

“We kept improving the car during the day and making it better. We didn’t care what the others were doing because we are discovering the car all the time,” said Pla.

Toyota said that the two GR010s set a record for the team on the test day in terms of reliability.

“We had nine hours of testing which from our side have been interrupted. Absolutely no issues, we are very happy about that.”

“We have made very high mileage, both cars are above 1400km which I think is a record for us on the test day.”

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