Sebastian Vettel has regained his desire to race, according to a statement from the team principal of the Aston Martin F1 team. With the immense qualities of the German world champion, he has brought the team forward again.

The English team is still very convinced of the commitment of Vettel after he has had a few difficult years in F1 when he was dismissed from Ferrari last year and did not have a good time at the Italian racing team. He has shown up with a podium and many good results so far.

The end of last season was very promising for the English team, but the start of this season has been difficult for them. They blamed that on the aero regulations and the impact on the low-slung car concept.

At the midpoint of the season, the team is in the middle of the standings. Sebastian Vettel is in P12 and Lance Stroll in P14. The team is happy with the performances, even if the last race in Hungary was a disappointment. There Vettel would have been 2nd but was disqualified afterward.

“Seb is brilliant. He came to us with the idea of wanting to enjoy racing again. I talk to him a lot. And I think he enjoys racing again, which is excellent,” said Szafnauer.

“Seb brings with him a mentality that he had when he won all those races and those World Championships, he leaves nothing to chance about performance and the methodology of how he organizes his weekend and what he asks of us. And that applies to both sides of the garage. Lance and his team have learned from Seb, and that has taken us to the next level.”

He also had an opinion about what Vettel brings to the team.

“All sorts of things. He has a lot of experience in terms of the drivability of the engine at other teams, so that goes into his feedback on the Mercedes engine. And they have significantly improved that. And if the drivability is better, the drivers tend to have more confidence, they go faster. In terms of ergonomics, he’s improved the steering wheel, so it’s easier to manage.

“Everyone is behind him. And he’s doing a great job with the team that he has and with the mechanics, the people at the factory. He’s a genuine, down-to-earth person. And everybody likes that. So yeah, he’s done a great job.”

Lawrence Stroll, the team owner, is also very happy with the German and knows that he also brings symbolic value to the team. Otmar Szafnauer also knows that.

“It just shows how serious we are about building a team that can win a World Championship, and that’s the path we’re on right now.

“I mean, it’s Seb, it’s building a new factory, it’s starting a new wind tunnel, it’s hiring staff, it’s going from 550 to 800 people. All of these are indicators that we are on the road to building a team capable of playing in the World Championship.”

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