FIA’s Deputy President Graham Stoker has submitted his manifesto as he plans on taking over Jean Todt’s role at the end of this year.

Stoker has revealed his manifesto which aims to prioritize safety as well as constructive steps to continue building the franchise. Todt looks to step down at the end of 2021 with Stoker hoping to fill in the Frenchman’s shoes to manage the motorsport governing body, the FIA. 

Stoker has submitted his recommendation for the next Deputy President of the FIA. He has put his faith in the 9-time Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen. 

While speaking with the press, Stoker explained his belief in Kristensen: “I’m delighted to present this comprehensive vision for the future of motorsport worldwide,” said Stoker.

“We want to build on the strong work of the FIA over the last 12 years and create a sport that is truly progressive, representing all nations and open to anyone that wants to get involved, regardless of background or finances.

“This is the first opportunity to work with my impressive Deputy President for Sport candidate Tom Kristensen and we will be using our deep experience at all levels of motorsport to implement these ideas worldwide.”

Stoker’s manifesto looked to promise the sport a strong future as he attempts to rebuild confidence in investors for F1.

The key objectives of his manifesto include: 

  • Prioritizing safety in the sport
  • Ensuring motorsport is sustainable and environmentally responsible
  • Guaranteeing anyone with the passion and talent can try motorsport anywhere in the world
  • Rebuilding confidence and investment in championships
  • Being proud custodians of motorsport history
  • Growing the sport’s vital fan base

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