Haas team principal Guenther Steiner admitted being happy with Nikita Mazepin’s progress in terms of maturity.

The driver was in the media spotlight at the beginning of the season due to a controversial video he posted on his social media channels. His team boss, Steiner, admits he’s happy to see Mazepin out of trouble.

“That Nikita is not in the headlines is a very good thing,” he said. “At first, it seemed like something that didn’t end, but once it started to shrink it was fine. He has never completely stopped being in the spotlight, but everything has calmed down a lot.

“I didn’t meet him until the end of 2020, I would say that until September or October, but once I met him it was clear that people’s thoughts about him weren’t real.”

Steiner also believes that the mistakes the Russian made at the beginning of the season are normal for a rookie, and stated that both him and Mick Schumacher learned from their mistakes and gained experience.

“The mistakes he made early in the season are what you expect from a rookie driver, although you really don’t want them to happen. They need to find the limit of the car, even though he and Mick had driven good Formula 1 cars before. Nikita drove a Mercedes and Mick a Ferrari,” he said.

“Comparing those cars to one of ours, especially this year’s one with more drag, they’ve made more mistakes. In the end, those mistakes get smaller and smaller as their career progresses. Hopefully at some point they don’t commit any,” he concluded.

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