The McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has spoken about the true meaning of the phrase “feel of the car.”

The harmony between a driver and a car is key in Formula 1. If a driver is totally confident in his car and trusts it, they can achieve better results and will feel more comfortable in the vehicle. Ricciardo has described what does it mean to have the “feel of the car.”

“The feeling is, ‘Whoa’, that’s basically it. Something that we feel in our buttocks, in our hands, and because we’re strapped to the car, we move the car,” the Australian told

“We are, like the expression, really at one with the car. Everything the car does, we feel with our bodies and if the car does something that does not create a pleasant or familiar feeling, then it’s difficult for us to respond to it in the right way.

“Then you are always one step behind. The McLaren gives me a different sensation and feeling, which is new to me. I try to get used to that.”

At the same time, the Australian believes that current F1 cars are more complex, which brings some additional challenges.

“It’s not always easy and again, if you don’t feel like you don’t have the confidence then you see something and you think, ‘Ah, I can’t do that’, because then I would spin or I have to brake,” he added.

“So it all comes down to that feeling, which then gives you confidence, and then you can take your performance to the next level. But every driver has a different style. Even if you have the same adjustment, you still do not get the same result because we’re all slightly different.

“So there are always things about the car that you have to adjust to make them fit your strengths. It’s complicated, these cars are complicated.”

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