Edoardo Mortara sustained a fractured vertebra after his Formula E start crash with Mitch Evans at the Berlin E-Prix.

Drama unfolded during the first lap of the Berlin E-Prix as the Jaguar of Evans failed to start, being collected by Edoardo Mortara as cars went past him as the lights went out. This brought the Red Flag out and eliminated both drivers which were in title contention.

After being extricated from his car, Mortara was transported to the hospital for further checks, revealing a microfracture to his fourth vertebra. The injury does not require surgery but will force the driver to stay out of racing for some time.

“I’m not great. I’ve got a broken vertebra,” he told Motorsport.com. “It was a pretty big impact. I’m obviously sore. It’s not a major, major injury.

“It’s going to take me pretty much like six weeks [to recover]. I am going to take my time anyway because that was the last race. That’s my plan.

“I’m very grateful that I don’t need an operation or have a more serious injury.

“I probably need some time to digest it. The injury is actually not the worst thing. You feel disappointed,” he added regarding the emotional impact from the crash during the title battle.

Talking about the crash itself, Mortara described: “From what I can remember, I took a good start and then Jake [Dennis] was in front of me and I think that he moved on the last minute, probably because he also saw it on the last minute. Imagine that when these things happen, the guys that are just behind Mitch, they have the time to react.

“The guys are moving, always later and later and the speed is going more and more. At some point, if the guy in front of you moves really late, it’s not his fault, but you don’t see anything.”

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