Charles Leclerc has revealed the fact that it took him almost a year to get used to how things work at Scuderia Ferrari.

The Monegasque joined the Prancing Horses in 2019 and has already become the team leader after a lot of impressive performances. However, everything was not easy from the start for Leclerc.

“I was comfortable from the beginning. I had a lot of things to learn, but it felt like I’d known them straight away – on the social relationships. Then to feel comfortable in the way such a big team works? “Probably nearly a year I will say,” he told on the Beyond The Grid podcast.

“Nearly a year to understand exactly the dynamics of the team, how you face issues, how you react to those problems. Yes, probably almost a year.”

“It is a long time. Yes, yes, it is a very, very long time but it’s very, very interesting. To live it feels a lot shorter and you can feel all the steps and every time you are learning something and you apply it you are just getting a better understanding of how everything works. Also, you feel more in control of the situation,” Leclerc added.

Furthermore, the Monegasque believes that he has grown in the professional and personal aspects since joining Ferrari.

“I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a driver, as a person,” he commented. “How much better? It’s difficult to quantify, but I definitely feel a better driver compared to when I first arrived. Just how much detail we are going into after every difficult race but every good race we’ve had… but it’s made it very interesting; it’s a sport where I am always learning and I think everyone on this grid is learning every time they get into the car.”

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