Lewis Hamilton expressed his disinterest in comparing his on-track clashes with those of past drivers, stating that it is currently a new era with new drivers and modern cars and that comparing with the past would be trivial.

Hamilton clashed with the nearest title contender Max Verstappen at the opening lap of the British Grand Prix in a rivalry likened to that between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna.

“I don’t like to compare it to past drivers or past champions. It’s a new era, a new time. But I would imagine it’s not bad for the sport,” Hamilton told when asked about the comparison.

“At the time it was just exciting. I had no idea whether that was good or bad for the sport. Today I think, [when I was] growing up racing, wheel-to-wheel racing was always the best in karting.

“If you look, the most exciting times in motorsport is when you see wheel-to-wheel racing. We’re now seeing, fortunately, two teams [who are] incredibly close in performance,” Hamilton concluded.

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