Nyck de Vries was as crowned Formula E world champion on Sunday. After the race, however, he still seemed very annoyed because of driving standards from other competitors.

His claim was that some drivers did not respect the close world championship battle and made risky maneuvers that could have ended badly not only for him.

One of these close duels was the one with Alex Sims from Mahindra Racing. He then came into contact with Porsche’s Andre Lotterer on the descent to turn 3 and Stoffel Vandoorne was also involved in this battle. Later in the race, he also touched the guardrails and crossed the finish line in eighth place.

Although he still became world champion and was happy, he was also very frustrated with some drivers, especially Alex Sims, who did not seem to respect the world championship fight.

“I felt very disappointed with the driving standards out there,” said the 26-year-old. “I mean [it was like] they were not aware of the championship situation, so if that’s how you drive with real championship contenders [it’s a shame].

“Yesterday was the same and today it beat itself. Frankly speaking, I was a little bit disappointed with that and that was my first reaction after the race because I felt like we could have finished higher up.

“I’m a racer. As you’ve seen today, I was not playing conservative, I wanted to race and to fight.

“You saw coming through the field we were super quick today, but I will no longer hide his name, Sims really needs to back off. Yesterday [Alex Lynn] gave us a puncture and today [Sims] was too aggressive, especially considering we are fighting for the championship.”

In the course of the race, it became more and more apparent that de Vries would become world champion as his closest rivals dropped out of the race.

In the final laps, the Dutchman had to fend off the DS Techeetah driver Jean-Eric Vergne and he was pushed down to eighth place by Sam Bird shortly before the end.

After the race, it took him a while to realize that Mercedes was the world champion because there often were misunderstandings with the pit lane during the race.

“Usually, I’m very calm on the radio but at some point, with three laps to go, they were informing me that the position [I was running in] was important ahead of JEV.

“So, I was like ‘please guys tell me’ and they wouldn’t answer, so raised my voice and eventually they gave me the response that it was required for the teams’ championship.

“So, I was not informed and then JEV got involved in the end, he put his nose under my backend. So, I was basically spinning the wheels in the air, not being able to come out of the control.

“And then Bird got me and I kind of thought we lost the teams’ championship, so I was still eager to fight back in the rest of the lap but then I got told it’s fine, ‘hold position’. So, I brought it home.

“So, I’m a little bit disappointed with that and that’s why my reaction on the radio was ‘did we win the teams championship?’ because I felt disappointed – because I’m a racer and I felt we did an extremely strong race and to lose out in an unfair manner [would have been sad].”

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