McLaren CEO Zak Brown supports the idea of having the Drag Reduction System (DRS) in the new 2022 F1 cars that will debut next season.

The new Formula 1 regulations that will be introduced next season have the objective of improving racing by simplifying aerodynamics related to the ground effect.

Team principals will retain the DRS for the upcoming season although it wasn’t shown in the official car launch, and the plan is to eradicate the system in the future. McLaren boss Zak Brown believes retaining DRS is a “good idea” should the cars not perform as expected.

“I think from everything everyone has told me, both within my team and others, everyone thinks it [the new rules] will work,” he said. “But I think until you get it on track, you don’t know.

“So I think to keep DRS initially is a good idea, and then I think, much like the sprint race, let’s get these race cars on the track and figure out: Has it worked exactly as prescribed? Do they need modification? Do they need DRS? Do we need it for a less or shorter period of time?

“Because I think just like the sprint race, all we’re working through is data and drawings and visuals, and until we see it on the track, we don’t know.

“Everyone thinks conceptually, what has been designed should work. But we won’t know until we get it on the track.”

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