Alfa Romeo team principal Fred Vasseur said that the team sees a “real opportunity” in the form of the 2022 season and that they must make the right choices early on to reap the benefits next season.

This statement came after Alfa Romeo decided to arrest development for 2021 early on, and shift their focus towards the upcoming technical regulations for 2022, something Vasseur expressed will be key to build a strong car.

“We have a real opportunity with ’22 because I think that we do another step forward with the engine, because we started very early and much earlier than everybody else on the development of the chassis, and that we have also the stability with our partners,” Vasseur told GPFans Global.

“The fact that it’s the first car developed under the cost cap, and for us it’s an open field, let’s say.”

Both of Alfa Romeo’s drivers have their contracts expiring by the end of the 2021 season, with seemingly little news regarding the 2022 lineup. Vasseur however, said that the line-up has to be finalized, bearing in mind what is best for the team.

Vasseur emphasized on making the right choices for 2022, stating that the cost cap is an additional challenge in what could potentially be a challenging season as is.

“I have to take it case by case and with Kimi, we will have a discussion soon about the future, what he wants to do. Then I have to choose the best for the team,” Vasseur explained.

“We know the commitment and investment of our partners, of our shareholders, we need to deliver the best.

“I would say that all the lights are green, which means that It’s a new challenge, for us on our journey, and we have to make the right choices,” Vasseur concluded.

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