Nikita Mazepin supposes the fact that current F1 cars are vulnerable to numerous circumstances makes his first F1 season so challenging.

The rookie year has brought a lot of difficulties to the Haas driver as he has spent quite some time getting used to the new machinery and had a lot of incidents early in the season. Mazepin thinks that the way current cars react to slight changes in conditions makes his experience in Formula 1 more challenging.

“These cars are so much more complicated to drive and they are so much easier to make mistakes with,” he said.

“Not only because the speeds are higher but they are also much easier to be caught out by wind and [a] lack of grip sometimes when you just overheat tires.

“These cars are unforgiving even though people see the walls are very far. At the speeds that we’re traveling, if you lose control, they come towards you very quickly.

“There isn’t a certain thing, there’s no guarantee that I will not make a mistake anytime soon. We operate at the fastest speed that these cars can take and sometimes mistakes happen. Especially in such early days everyone can be sometimes making mistakes and that’s normal.”

Furthermore, he emphasizes that a driver needs to be confident in his car’s performance and believes that the rear-end instability issue that he has faced is now easier to manage.

“The way you need to go fast in these cars is you need to have the confidence in them. If you don’t have the confidence, you could put a fantastic lap in but you wouldn’t be able to do that lap in with one minute to go in Q3,” he added.

“The fundamental thing you need to have is you need to be able to drive the car consistently and trust that the car will take the load that you put in it. At the beginning of this year, I didn’t feel that this car was taking that load and it wasn’t giving me the confidence I needed.

“But through the hard work and the engineers believing me and listening they are seeing what I am requesting is making sense and they are doing a fantastic job to give me the car that I’m asking for.”

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