Maverick Vinales apologized to Yamaha in his first media appearance since his suspension from the Yahama factory team after allegedly trying to deliberately blow up the engine at the Styrian GP.

While both parties have remained fairly silent, Vinales took the opportunity to apologize to the Japanese outfit during an interview with Sky Italia today.

“I’m very sad because it’s a very strange situation,” Vinales admitted.

“It was a very big moment of frustration because the first part of the race had been perfect and I was starting the second part of the season well again.

“I apologize to Yamaha because I rode in the wrong way in the last laps, so I want to apologize to everybody.”

Yamaha stated that the suspension was done due to the risks posed because of Vinales’ actions not only to himself but to other riders on the grid as well, with the Japanese outfit stating that there will be further discussion with the rider to decide his future for this season.

Vinales however, insisted that he did not intend to put everyone in danger, despite whatever frustrations he had at the time. All of this comes at a time when Vinales elected to terminate his current two-year deal after a strenuous relationship with Yamaha become worse.

“This was Yamaha’s decision, which I respect and accept because I am still a Yamaha rider,” Vinales added.

“What I want to do now is to stay calm, reflect for a while, and try to come back strong and with everything in place.

“I have so much desire to win, but it had been a long time since I had felt well,” Vinales concluded.

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