Kimi Raikkonen expressed his thoughts on the current regulations and their enforcement, stating that he believes the sport would be better off with fewer rules and stricter enforcement on certain aspects of the sport.

The former world champion observed that drivers nowadays push the limits greater than those who raced in F1 before, something he attributed to the increasing enforcement of the restrictive sporting regulations.

“I think you could get rid of a lot of rules if you were more harsh on some things,” Raikkonen told

“Now there’s always this grey area that you have ‘three chances’. So obviously everybody will use it. But if you tell them, ‘This is what’s going to happen if you do it’, we will not do it because we know. Now you can get away with a lot of things.

“If we’re told that if you go off, obviously there’s things that you can lose if you go off, but those are usually quite obvious things. So nobody will take the piss out of it. But that’s not our thing to change.”

Raikkonen also touched upon the topic of in-season testing, something that was banned in 2010. He expressed his desire for more testing but also wanted the right balance between racing and testing.

The Finn also gave a suggestion for additional testing to be implemented in the calendar and admitted that the past formula of ‘less racing, more testing’ was more difficult than it is currently.

“Sometimes you wish it would be a bit more [testing] or you could kind of pick and choose when you could do it,” Raikkonen admitted.

“Like maybe there could be 10 days and you pick and choose when you use them. Maybe somewhere in the middle.

“We can do it on Fridays in the race tracks. But I think how it was in the past, obviously there was less racing, but then we had testing. For sure that was harder than it is now.

“I prefer more racing other than [testing] but there’s a limit to everything,” Raikkonen concluded.

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