Helmut Marko believes that the penalties to Mercedes drivers and drivers from other teams are not justified.

The first half of the 2021 season was going well for Red Bull Racing, but the two latest races in Great Britain and Hungary turned everything around after several big incidents with their rivals from Mercedes as the Milton Keynes-based team lost its lead in both championships. The team advisor Marko is not happy with the fact that the penalties to Mercedes do not cover the damage done.

“Until the last two races, the first half of the season was positive. Then everything came together in a negative way,” he told Motorsport Magazin.

“As a result, we have to ask ourselves whether the penalty system is justified after two errors by¬†Mercedes. Maybe there should be different standards [levels of penalties].

“Antonio Giovinazzi gets a stop/go penalty after speeding in the pit lane and Sebastian Vettel is disqualified for not having enough fuel in his tank, while the 0.3 liters that were in his tank would have been enough for control [a fuel sample].

“On the other hand, we have two broken engines due to [the actions of] Mercedes drivers and that means that we have to take a hard hit financially. We have three million damages and that’s an amount we can’t easily find anymore.

“Such things can be the decisive factor in the title fight. That is why we need to look at it differently and whether the drivers who caused it have been negligent and whether something can be arranged.

“For example, that this damage does not count in the budget cap or that we can use some kind of joker.”

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