McLaren CEO Zak Brown said that he expects the team to be fit for competing for a world title by the 2024 season after McLaren has a completely modernized Technology Center.

In an attempt to reconstruct the once mighty McLaren, several changes were implemented after the Woking outfit finished a lowly ninth in 2017. Brown admitted with the budget cap and new regulations that McLaren can soon contest for the championship.

“We finished ninth, sixth, fourth, third. And now we’re in [shared] third. I think it gets harder the closer you get to the front, so I don’t think we’re going to be second and first [now suddenly]. That would be nice, but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Brown commented.

“I think in the 2024 season we will have no more excuses, and I hope that by then the sport will be so competitive that there will be several teams competing for the championship. And I hope we will be one of them.”

Chief among the changes being made to the McLaren Technology Center is the development of a new wind tunnel, shifting away from using Toyota’s facilities in Cologne.

Brown also added that he does not expect any drastic change right away and that McLaren will do with what they have at the moment, till they can comfortably take on Mercedes and Red Bull head-on.

“It’s just going to take time, especially the wind tunnel. We spend a lot of money, but it will take a few years before the wind tunnel is ready. We won’t really be done with the infrastructure until the 2024 car comes out. Until then, we will do our very best with the equipment we have,” Brown explained.

“We will of course do our very best and with the new rules, you never know. Brawn went above and beyond when they won the championship, they weren’t the team with the most resources. But I think the rules are much stricter now. It will be much more difficult in today’s world to come up with such a big, clear advantage.”

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