Aston Martin performance director Tom McCullough revealed some of the changes Aston Martin made in an effort to tackle the issues posed with their low-rake car and climb up the midfield.

According to McCullough, visible parts were all upgraded to ensure that the car as a whole performs closer to its rivals in the form of Alpine, AlphaTauri, Ferrari, and McLaren.

“If a part of our car is licked by the wind, we have probably updated it at some point over the past four months,” he said.

“It was and is a more or less never-ending process of iterative development, and, as a result, there is almost no externally visible part of our car that has not been improved in some way between Bahrain and Silverstone.

“It is working. We know that our car is still not the fastest, but it is now closer in performance to the cars of our principal rivals than it was at the beginning of the season.”

McCullough also talked about new signing Sebastian Vettel and said that the four-time world champion transformed his season after a tricky start to his Aston Martin debut season.

“Our ‘new boy’, Sebastian [Vettel], was at first disadvantaged by his initial unfamiliarity with the way our car operates and feels, then by the unreliability that he suffered in the pre-season test in Bahrain,” McCullough explained.

“But he has worked very diligently since then, in our simulator at the factory and at the circuits, to help us analyze our previous races with a view to preparing for our upcoming races in the best way possible.”

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