Max Verstappen will not be changing his style of hard racing after having been involved in numerous incidents before the summer break.

Verstappen is currently 8 points behind Lewis Hamilton in his quest for the 2021 world championship, though he could have been over 50 points clear had he not lost 25 points in Baku, and at least 18 at Silverstone.

Verstappen has a reputation for racing hard, which has drawn criticism from drivers in the past, but he has said he will not be changing his approach.

“I will continue to race as I did,” he said. “I felt like I didn’t do anything wrong in that fight. I gave him more than enough space but he completely misjudged the cornering speeds, and especially the angle he went into that corner there was no way he was going to make the corner with the speed he entered it.

“When you go so close to the inside wall, on the entry to Copse and then still try to do the same speed as I am doing while opening up the corner again and then giving him more than a car width space, you’re going run out of road. But this time he ran into my right rear and caused me to hit the wall.”

Verstappen will hope to take points away from Hamilton in Belgium, when Formula 1 returns later in August.

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