Fernando Alonso admits that he now feels “more comfortable” in the Alpine A521 car than ever after the Spaniard finished the first half of his comeback season in F1 with six consecutive points finishes.

Despite his recent progress, the first five races of the season were not so easy for Alonso as the Spaniard came to terms with the car after a brief stint out of F1.

“I said at the beginning that I would need three or four races in order to be at the level of the car. In the end, they were more, six or seven, but now I am more comfortable in the car,” Alonso told SoyMotor.com.

“Every driver has their own set-up when it comes to adjusting the car and getting the most out of it has taken us the time that I more or less expected.

“Some things have helped me… not only in terms of racing but also the things that happen outside of the car.”

Alonso also talked about his driving style and how his Alpine car has played a crucial role in adapting his way of driving in the modern age. He also added on how dependent he has become on power steering.

“Because of my driving style, I’ve always done an aggressive movement of the steering wheel in the middle of the corner, and from then on I just feel the front tires. If the steering wheel gets softer, it means they’re losing grip,” Alonso explained.

“I normally feel everything with my hands and the front end of the car. If they take this out of me, I am dead.

“Other drivers are not, because they feel the car with the body or they do different things, but I am defenseless if they take the front tires out of me. Then I can’t predict [the car]. We’ve worked on that just to have a lot of feeling in the steering wheel,” Alonso concluded.

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