Max Verstappen said that he believes that Red Bull works as one team, despite having two drivers run the same car, refuting what some claim to be a two-sided approach from Red Bull.

Verstappen expressed this opinion after being asked about his opinion on teammates at Red Bull, stating that it is irrelevant and that he is confident that he can perform well regardless of who partners alongside him.

“I always believe in myself and I’m confident that I can always do a good job, so it doesn’t matter who they put alongside me,” he told Channel 4 F1. “[We’re] just one whole team.

“I don’t even call it sides, because in our team there are no sides.”

Since Daniel Ricciardo’s exit in 2018, the Dutchman was accompanied by 3 teammates in the span of 3 years, with Perez now pleasing many in the paddock, even earning praise from Verstappen himself.

“I think he has shown […] he’s a great addition to the team, and it’s very important to have both cars to score the points,” Verstappen added.

“It’s good to have a challenge, but I’m also very happy with Checo at the moment as a teammate. He is doing a great job.”

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