Valtteri Bottas believes that he is very close to his best form in Formula 1 in the entire career.

The 2021 Formula 1 season is going in a difficult manner for the Mercedes driver as he now sits 4th in the Drivers’ Championship and his future in still not clear. Nevertheless, the Finn thinks that he is about to reach his best form.

“There is nothing holding me back at the moment,” he told ESPN. Definitely, I would say I feel like in my career I am peaking. I still haven’t reached that yet, there are always things I am learning and getting better at.

“I will try everything I can for myself and for the team for the future, whatever happens.”

Furthermore, Bottas supposes that he still plays a significant role at Mercedes.

“I’m confident to say I am a good asset for the team and it definitely would be different if I wasn’t here. I’m confident with my driving skills, but I don’t make the decisions. The future will show.”

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