McLaren team principal has confirmed that they will continue updating their car after the summer break for the 2021 season.

Earlier in July, McLaren had announced that they would reconsider their need for more upgrades in the 2021 season after the Hungarian GP. Andreas Seidl has now confirmed that the team will continue bringing upgrades for this season in an attempt to stay competitive against Ferrari.

“We were happy where we ended up, for various reasons, because on a track like Hungary we expected to be honest to struggle. Thanks also to the great work and the big push from the guys back at home on the engineering and production side.

“We managed to get these upgrades to the car which I think was important for our competitiveness. To be ahead of Ferrari over one lap in qualifying is something we didn’t expect, when we came to Hungary, so that’s a positive. Very happy to see that the team, despite all the focus on next year’s car, we’re still pushing on this year’s car and putting a lot of work in recent weeks to get these upgrades to the car.”

McLaren and Ferrari tied at P3 in the Constructors Championship with 163 points each. McLaren driver, Lando Norris is also fighting for P3 in the Driver’s Championship and currently sits ahead of drivers from Mercedes and Red Bull. The team hopes to stay competitive this season while increasing its competitiveness for the 2022 season.

The next season is set for F1’s largest budget cut which emphasizes on levelling the competitiveness on track. Most teams have started developing their cars for next season. Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin also explained that teams are bound to lose performance next season the longer they update their car in the current season.

Seidl has responded to these concerns: “I think with everything we’re doing now; it’s not putting next year’s project at risk. Whenever we had, let’s say… the capacity we were using until recent weeks was used to improve this year’s car, that’s [what] we did in the last few weeks and that’s what we still do until at least the first few races after the break.

“The majority of the resources are clearly focused on next year’s car. But sometimes there is low-hanging fruits when you can make the decision where it makes sense to spend the extra energy and resources in order to take the opportunity.”

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